Stone Cold


Clarisse had never imagined that she could feel this way. She was devastated by Silena’s death. She had never felt this bad about losing anyone else, but Silena… she was her best friend. As she walked through camp, a single tear slid down her cheek.

She was stopped by the most annoying daughter…

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Silena & Clarisse ♡ en We Heart It.
art by vasirasart


Octavian: Tenemos un ejercito
Percy: Tenemos a Clarisse 
lol. -Val


People, can we get some more appreciation for the Clarisse/Silena bromance? Like, seriously. Their relationship was so strong, that because of Silena Clarisse joined the war and ended up defeating the drakon. 

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They said Clarisse had a softer side when it came to the counselor of the Aphrodite cabin, but she will deny it if you ask her.
(Apparently I like to make myself sad)
War Sibling Rivarly


I want Frank and Clarisse sibling rivalry

  • I want Clarisse holding a grudge against Frank even though he’s done nothing to her
  • Clarisse being jealous of Frank because he’s was part of the Prophecy of Seven rather than her because she had always considered herself her fathers favorite child

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